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Yumthang – The Valley of Flowers in North Sikkim

Yumthang Valley is located in North Sikkim about 140 kms away from Gangtok. Yumthang is a beautiful valley that stands at an elevation of 3,500 meters above sea-level. The valley is home to a variety of beautiful Himalayan flowers. It is also referred as the ‘Valley of Flowers’ of the north Eastern India. The valley is dotted with picturesque locations, green slopes. You can often see yaks grazing in the flower-spangled grassy plains below, and a river flowing right through the valley. Visiting the serene and tranquil valley is a divine experience that can not be explained or expressed in words. Just one visit is enough for visitors to fall in love with this pristine place.

It also happens to be situated at what is called “the tree-line”, the altitude above which there are no trees. This makes the Yumthang Valley unique in that it has trees and Rhododendrons, and yet abounds in tiny, low-growing Himalayan flowers. the valley is home to over 24 spices of Rhododendrons which paint the valley in red during spring season. A variety of Rhododendrons spices covers long stretches of valley. During spring season, the valley looks like a beautiful collage painted in different colors.  The flowering of Rhododendrons is over by May end. During monsoons, starting in June, the Valley blooms with all kinds of tiny Himalayan flowers, like the Primroses, Cinquefoils, Louseworts and Cobra-lilies. This is a much more enchanting scenario, but takes a keen viewer, with an eye for detail, to truly appreciate.

Lachung provides the base for exploration of Yumthang, the valley of flowers. Yumthang Valley also offers views of a stunning array of peaks with Pauhunri and Shundu Tsenpa. The best season for visiting the valley starts in late February and continues up to mid June, when thousands of colorful flowers are in full bloom.

The road to Yumthang from Gangtok follows the Teesta River, crossing a spectacular gorge over the Rang Rang suspension bridge. The last major town is Chungthang about from where Lachung is an hours drive where tourists stay overnight. The experience of visiting Yumthang Valley should not be missed. From the beautiful drive through breathtaking forests, the awe-inspiring views of the mountain ranges and peaks, the added attraction of staying at the wonderful hamlet of Lachung, and finally the incredible Yumthang Valley itself