Don’t we all crave for that yummy, deep fried, and crunchy food? Do you know what happens if you eat too much fried food? They could be unhealthy as frying process adds too much calories and fats to the meals. Once you put the food in the oil, the oil temperature decreases and takes time to cook the food. This increases the amount of fat absorbed during cooking. The following article will discuss more about why is deep fried food unhealthy.

Why is Deep Fried Food Unhealthy?

Greasy fried food could be as unhealthy as it is tempting. So, before seeking for the great restaurants that sell delicious fried foods, stop and have a quick glance at the disadvantages of deep fried food and how unhealthy is it for you.

The Bad Oil

This is what makes the deep fried food unhealthy. Many restaurants uses hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil which is a home for trans-fat. It is a man-made fat that is used in processed food for longer shelf life, simultaneously raises cholesterol and the risks of stroke and heart diseases.The outside joints uses this oil over and over again which causes oxidation and break down of oil. this leads to problems such as glucose intolerance, protein malfunction and hypertension.

Would You Want Extra Calories? NO!

Calories are necessary for your body but extra calories are a big no. The caloric density rises up when something is deep fried. The food when dipped in to the oil, absorbs all the fat from every possible space. Then, the oil takes away the natural nutrients from the food and makes it tasty. This increases our fat intake and a gram of fat provides 9 calories. More calories lead to obesity and then you can’t do anything but to struggle to lose those extra weight.

Increases the Risk of Cancer

A recent studies say, people who ate typically fried foods at least once a week has a higher risks of prostrate cancer than to those who ate these foods less than once a week. Fried foods are considered to be responsible risk factor of inflammation in lungs and cancers of the breast, pancreas, head and neck. Deep frying increases the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGE’s) on the surface of foods that accelerates the formation of carcinogens associated with cancer.

Destroys the Nutrients

Deep frying robs away the good nutrient in the food, and just adds bad fats and calories. It destroys a lot of essential vitamins and minerals and doesn’t provide anything that enhances our body function.

Puts You at the Risk of Heart Diseases

The fat in deep fried food also contribute to cholesterol level. It tend to increase the total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol which are harmful for your blood vessels. This puts one to a greater risks of high cholesterol level and heart diseases.

Leads to Malfunctioning of Brain

Some oils which are high in polyunsaturated fats create most toxic aldehydes even at the least time of frying. These low flash-point oils that produce aldehydes increase the risk of neurology disorders such as malfunctioning of brain.

So, it is absolutely important to think before consuming the deep fried food. Opt for healthy life, cut down the intake of fried food, choose healthy and natural oil, like olive oil.  This reduces the rate of fat and calories. And, obviously you don’t want extra pounds in your body so maintain a healthy diet.