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Where’s the Party at in Goa? (A Guide to Nightlife in Goa)

Nightlife in Goa

While Goa is well known for it’s beaches and laid back style…it’s also the Party Hub of India. Night life in Goa is one of the most flamboyant and matured than in any other part of the country. You could be a retro lover or a hip-hop fan; you could be eighteen or eighty; you could love dancing in the crowd or a solitary traveler…Goa serves up an endless array of things to do at night for everyone. From Beach shacks with a live bands to clubs and discs playing the latest tunes to psychedelic drums beating on the beach there always a party in Goa.

The Shacks

When it comes to hanging out in Goa…there’s always the Shacks. Located on the beach these shacks provide adequate shelter to those who might want stay away from the scorching sun and enjoy the sea breeze. They open early in the morning and are a hot favorite for breakfast or through out the day to laze in some of their beach beds, beach chairs or under some beach umbrellas.

When the Sun goes down that these shacks come alive with music, great food and drink. It’s a very popular choice for tourists just looking for a quiet drink and meal and well suited for families. Some shacks have live bands playing on local Goan tunes, blues, jazz or more popular music on certain nights a week. Most of the places serve exquisite seafood, Goan delicacies as well as continental meals and have well stocked bars.

Almost every Beach in Goa is adorned with these shacks so you can take your pick and enjoy a a special night with the shimmering sand, the soothing moon and the bracing waves!

Some Shacks that deserve a mention include the Pine Shack on the borer of Calangute and Candolim where they will organise a bonfire or a beachside barbeque for you and your group. Its a great place to get a guitar or listen to somebody’s freshly acquired rave CDs, or just listen to the rhythm of the waves coming in while you sip on your favourite cocktail.

Another holiday favourite is Curly’s Beach Shack, nestling past the flea market on Little Anjuna. Enjoy a memorable last night-time swim before you track your muddy footprints to the dining shack. Ask for a plate of paté and onion marmalade along with your King’s as you watch sparkling stars lit up the horizon over the Arabian Sea.

If you happen to be in Goa on a monsoon holiday and definitely ready to mingle, drop by at Bob’s Inn on the Chogm Road in Candolim. The long table welcomes anyone, and the multitude of nooks that abound in this place mean that even those of you who are looking for privacy will find it. Cocktails are available, but take the time to enjoy a feni along with stuffed mackerel.

A Party Cruise down the Mandovi River – A different route to make your night memorable is by taking off up the Mandovi River on one of the many party cruises available from Panjim. There is music and dancing together with some mouthwatering cuisine complete with a lovely view.

If you want something a lot quieter and fancier, the super ‘Solita’ luxury yacht is a fantastic way to spend an evening, floating down the quiescent Mapusa River past the Salim Ali Sanctuary at Chorao. The cruise also takes you down the Mandovi, where the illuminated banks of Panjim-Miramar glides past on one side and the quiet beauty of Aguada on the other.

Discos & Night Clubs

If your a party animal looking for an exciting night to dance away, Goa has tons of Discos and Night Clubs to choose from. Tito’s at Baga, Ziggy’s at Colva, Temptations at Red Cab on Vagator, Lido’s at Dauna Paula as some of the ones not to miss.

For a Saturday night party, lose yourself in the grip of Cavala. Known for its creative theme-based special nights, Cavala is a paradise where genial souls hail each other and welcome strangers and the band work their way through songs that everyone knows. The music and the conviviality inside and the rain pelting down outside in the yard make for an irresistible combination.

Here’s a List of some Discs and Night Clubs in Goa

  • THE ALCOVE – Over Looking Ozran Vagator Beach
  • TEMPTATIONS – Red Cab Inn, Below Starco’s Crossroads, Vagator Beach
  • TITO’S – Baga Beach
  • ZIGGY’S – Colva Beach
  • JOHNNY COOL’S – Colva Beach
  • MEN MAR – On the Vasco Road
  • LIDO’S – At Dona Paula Beach


‘Life is a game’ if that’s your take, then Goa has the best casino’s to offer you. Though many casinos are on board cruises but there are others on the lands of Goa as well. Of late, government has been trying to implement a deadline of 11pm but has not been successful so far. For now casinos are open till wee hours in the morning. Goa’s top class casinos offer games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps . Some of the famous casinos are Chances at Cicade de Goa Beach Resort and Casino at Dauna Paula, Las Vegas – The Gaming Club Leela Palace Hotel at Candolim Beach,, Treasures Casino Majorda Beach Resort.

Bars and Pubs

Goa’s liberal alcohol law mean that you can get a drink practically anywhere, Most places in Goa including beach shacks have a bar and serve alcohol. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • SHORES BAR – Anjuna Beach
  • GURU BAR – Anjuna Beach, Near Shores Bar
  • PETE’S BAR – Calangute Beach
  • ANGELA P. FERNANDES – Calangute Beach
  • BOB’S INN – Between Calangute & Candolim
  • DYLAN’S BAR – Palolem Beach
  • FOUND THINGS – A Bar Cum Restaurant, Palolem Beach
  • CLISHER – North of GTDC Tourist Resort, Behind Baga Beach
  • Specialty: Fresh Seafood, Breakfasts Specials And Cold Beer
  • DINKY – Beside the steps to the Baga Beach Specialty: Standard Seafood and Beer Bar
  • BOM SUCCESSO – Candolim Beach on the Fort Aguada Road
  • FLORENTINE – Saligao, Off the Calangute-Sangolda-Porvorim Road, Near Villa Saligao.
  • PALM AND SAND – Sinquerim beach, Off Fort Aguada Main Road
  • PLANTER’S – Calangute, Just before Main Market Square
  • RONIL ROYALE – Baga Beach, On Calangute-Baga Road
  • SOUZA LOBO – On the Calangute Beach Front
  • TAMARIND TREE – Dom Francisco In Candolim Beach, On Main Sinquerim-Calangute Road
  • TATOPHANIE – Baga Beach, On Calangute-Baga Road
  • ALEX – Baga Beach, End of Road
  • BRITTO’S – Baga Beach, End of Road
  • CASA PORTUGUESA – Baga Beach, On Calangute-Baga Road
  • DROP ANCHOR – Baga Beach, End of Road
  • INFANTARIA PASTELARIA – Near St John’s Chapel, Calangute-Baga Road
  • LAFREMICH – Capt Lobo’s Beach Hideaway, Baga Beach
  • ST ANTHONY’S – Baga Beach, End of Road
  • TITO’S – Baga Beach, Off Calangute-Baga Road
  • 21 COCONUTS – Candolim Beach, On the Main Road
  • ZAPPA BEACH SHACK – Candolim Beach, Off Main Road

Don’t plan…just Go with the Flow….but  Respect the Law.

In case you are planning to drink, eat and dance, chances are you will end up doing it at the same place. The key to enjoy Goan nightlife is not to plan. Let everything unfold before you simultaneously. The idea of encountering the unexpected is what makes the nightlife of Goa even more exciting. Of course, the beaches are full of people jiving away to trance music and enjoying their drinks. But that unknown factor that attracts so many revelers to the Goan nightlife is what makes the parties so happening. You have to be there to feel the magic take over you.

Show respect to the place and the people around you. Know your own limits and the law. Though the alcohol is freely available there are strict laws against drunken driving, nudity and drugs. Also remember that Goa remains a deeply conservative society, Catholic on one hand and traditional Hindu on the other and nobody likes a loudmouthed drunk. Don’t Drink and Drive, since if the cops don’t get you, winding village roads, sudden walls and cows will.