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Where to have the best Misal Pav when in Pune?

Misal Pav is a very popular AND delicious Maharashtrian street food. Misal Pav is a popular breakfast and all day dish fondly eaten by people in Maharashtra. Misal pav is “tasty devour” for your taste buds. Those who love colorful, tangy, spicy and a flavorful dish, Misal Pav is a bliss for them. Its fiery taste sweeps you off. Misal-Pav is a great one meal food. It is a dish that you taste for once and get hooked forever. It consists of spicy curry usually made of pulses, spicy gravy, Poha, spoonful of dahi (curd) and garnish of onions, tomatoes, cilantro, farsan, chivada etc.

So, when you are in Pune and want to taste the best Misal Pav in the city, ask anyone for Bedekar misal and they will for sure guide you. Because every citizen in Pune is awar of Bedekar Misal and is probably a big fan too.

Bedekars is by far the most popular food joint best known for its Misal Pav. Bedekars was started as a small tea stall that served snacks and became a popular jooint after they introduced Misal Pav in their menu. There are a variety of Misal served in Pune. The one served at Bedekars is not the usual one that you get in other parts of the city. For instence, theer in no added pohe, the gravy popularly known as ‘tarri’ is made of boiled matki (matt bean) water along with loads of veggies. With a little sweet taste, it still is spicy and hot for people who have a low threshold for spice.

Bedekar’s misal pav is a must try dish when in Pune. You have it once and you’ll have it forever.