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Where to Eat Kathi Kabab Roll When in Pune?

Longing to have that delicious Kathi Kabab Roll in Pune? Look no further and straight away head to Kapila Restaurant at Dhole Patil Road, Pune. Kapila serves probably the best Kathi Rolls in Town. Served in varieties of Chicken, egg and vegetarian combos, the kathi rolls here are famous for its juiciness and the chunks of chicken rolled in it. They have around 4 – 5 varieties, but their Kathi Chicken Roll is for sure the best seller. A Chicken frankie that will make you mouth water and drool until you have the last bite. The roll is a simple roti like bread smothered with fried egg & onion rings.

Kathi Kabab Roll is believed to be originated in a Nizam Restaurant in Kolkata. Nizam Restaurant, a popular eatery founded in 1932 that sold kababs and parathas and other Mughlai dishes in the heart of Kolkata. Soon it was a popular street food in Kolkata, where many vendors were selling skewer-roasted kebab wrapped in a paratha bread. Over the years, many vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties of Kathi roll have been introduced & evolved in all the other parts of India. Today, mostly any wrap containing a filling enfolded in an Indian flat bread (roti / paratha) is called a kathi roll.

When in Pune and craving to have a bite of that juicy kathi roll filled with those chunky chicken pieces, or your favorite paneer / or any other vegetarian stuffing, head to Kapila. You’ll be served with  the best Kathi roll in Pune. But yes, you may expect a delay in serving, as the place is a popular joint, so you may have to wait a little.