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When is Vat Savitri (वट सावित्री) in 2015

Looking for when is Vat Savitri (वट सावित्री) in 2015?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Vat Savitri (वट सावित्री) in 2015 will be observed on Sunday, 17th May.

As per Hindu calendar, Vat Savitri (वट सावित्री) falls on full moon day of Jesht month.

Vat Savitri (वट सावित्री) also known as Vat Poornima is a holy festival observed by married women in the states of Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Orissa, Maharashtra and some parts of Uttar Pradesh. Women in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu celebrate this day as Karadaiyan Nonbu. On this day, married women observe fast in order to pray for long life of their husbands.

Vat Savitri (वट सावित्री) or Vat Poornima usually falls in either first or second half of June. However, Vat Savitri (वट सावित्री) in 2015 will fall on Sunday, 17th May. Main ritual on third day is tying a cotton thread around a banyan tree, known as Vat in India. On this day, women across the country gather around a banyan tree nearby and sing devotional songs while tying the thread. The day is celebrated to honour Savitri, the legendary wife of Satyavan who escaped death for her husband’s life. It is believed that when Satyavan died an un-natural death, Savitri prayed continuously for three days. Seeing upon her dedication and devotion Yamraj (the God of Death) returned her husband’s life. Since then it has become a tradition for women to observe fast on this day and pray for longevity of their husbands.