When is Maharashtra Day in 2017?


Looking for when is Maharashtra Day in 2017?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Maharashtra Day in 2017 will be observed on Monday, 1st May.

1st May is a special significance for Maharashtra, as it is celebrated as Maharashtra Divas. It was 56-years back when the existing state of Maharashtra was formed, hence the celebrations. Flag hoisting is held at the district headquarters in the presence of the guardian ministers early in the morning as they pay tribute to martyrs on the day.

Many eminent personalities like those from academic backgrounds, police officials, sportsmen and doctors are rewarded on the day for their notable contributions in their respective fields.

People are dressed in traditional Maharashtrian attire. However, Maharashtra Divas in 2017 will be observed on Monday, 1st May. The state government and private sectors launch various new projects and schemes on the day. Annual celebrations of such institutes and projects, too, are held.