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When is Lailat Al Miraj in 2017?

Looking for when is Lailat Al Miraj in 2017?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Lailat Al Miraj in 2017 will be observed on Saturday, 22nd April.

Muslims believe that on this night, an angel came to the Prophet, washed his abdomen with Zamzam water, and filled his heart with wisdom and belief. He was allowed to see God directly.

This festival is observed by Muslims as one of the most important events. Muslims believe that there are several levels in heaven. Muhammad was taken to each one by Angel Gabriel. At each heaven, a gate-keeper asked both the angel and Muhammad to identify themselves before proceeding.

However, Lailat al Miraj in 2017 will begin on the evening of Saturday, 22nd April and will end on the evening of Sunday, 23rd April. The date can be shifted by one day, depending on whether or not the crescent moon marks the beginning of the month.