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When is Lailat Al Bara’a in 2017?

Looking for when is Lailat Al Bara’a in 2017?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Lailat Al Bara’a in 2017 will be observed on Wednesday, 10th May.

On the 15th of the month of Sha’ban, Muslims believe that Allah writes the destiny of men and women for the coming year: whether an individual will live or die, find hardship or fortune, and whether he will be eligible to make the pilgrimage to Hajj. Allah, remembering our past sins and sincerely settling the mind that one
will never commits sins in the future.

Many Muslims try to staying awake the entire night in prayer and worship. In some regions, Muslims also commemorate their deceased ancestors on this night. On this auspicious night, you should perform fresh Ghusal and Wudhu and perform the two Rakaat of Tahhiyatul Wudhu. In every Rakaat, after the Suratul Fatiha, you should read Ayatul Kursi once and Surah Ahad three times.

However, Lailat al Bara’a in 2017 will begin on the evening of Wednesday, 10th May and will end on the evening of Thursday, 11th May. After sunset, you should recite “La Hawla walaa Quwwata illa Billahil-Aliyil Azeem” forty times with three times Durood Shareef before and after. It is mentioned that by reciting this, Almighty Allah will forgive forty years of your sins and forty Hoors will await to serve you in Jannatul Firdous.