When is Karva Chauth (करवा चौथ) in 2016?


Looking for when is Karva Chauth (करवा चौथ) in 2016?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Karva Chauth (करवा चौथ) in 2016 will be observed on Wednesday, 19th October.

As per Hindu calendar,Karva Chauth (करवा चौथ) is celebrated on the fourth day of waning moon in Kartik month.

Karva Chauth (करवा चौथ) is celebrated by the married women of North India. It usually falls on the ninth days before Diwali. The festival marks an auspicious fast observed by married women for long life, well being and prosperity of their husband. The women strictly adhere to the guidelines laid down for the fast and refrain from food and water for one complete day. The festival also provides an opportunity for socializing with family, relatives, friends and in-laws. Karva Chauth (करवा चौथ) is symbolic of unflagging loyalty of a wife towards her husband.

Karva Chauth (करवा चौथ) is usually observed in the month of October or November. However, Karva Chauth (करवा चौथ) in 2016 will be observed on Wednesday, 19th October. Karva Chauth (करवा चौथ) is a Hindu festival celebrated by married women. The celebrations follow a number of rituals traditions. One such important ritual is applying henna (Mehendi) on hands. Few ladies follow a strict fast where they do not eat or drink anything. Not even a single drop of water. It is said that successful completion of this fast ensures long life and prosperous future for her husband.