When is Guru Poornima (गुरु पूर्णिमा) in 2013


Looking for when is Guru Poornima (गुरु पूर्णिमा) in 2013?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Guru Poornima (गुरु पूर्णिमा) in 2013 will be observed on Monday, 22nd July.

As per Hindu calendar, Guru Poornima (गुरु पूर्णिमा) falls on full moon day of Ashadh month.

Guru Poornima (गुरु पूर्णिमा) is celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists all over the world in order to show respect to their respective Gurus (teachers and preachers). The word Guru is derived from two words namely; Gu and Ru. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘Ru’ means remover. So a Guru is someone who removes darkness.

Guru Poornima (गुरु पूर्णिमा) is usually observed in the month of June or July. However, Guru Poornima (गुरु पूर्णिमा) is 2013 will fall on Monday, 22nd July. Guru Poornima (गुरु पूर्णिमा), according to Hindu mythology, is the day when Maharshi Vyas was born. He is the one who compiled four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva) and wrote 18 Purans. Guru Poornima (गुरु पूर्णिमा), according to Buddhists, is a day when Gautam Buddha gave his first talk on religious subjects at Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh.