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When is Dhulivandan (धुलीवंदन) in 2015

Looking for when is Dhulivandan (धुलीवंदन) in 2015?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Dhulivandan (धुलीवंदन) in 2015 will be observed on Friday, 6th March.

As per Hindu Calender, the festival of Dhulivandan (धुलीवंदन) falls on Full moon day (Poornima) of Phalguna month.

Dhulivandan (धुलीवंदन), popularly known as ‘festival of colors’, is a Hindu festival which is usually observed in the months of February or March. However, Dhulivandan (धुलीवंदन) in 2015 will be observed on Friday, 6th March. The festival marks the beginning of Spring season, which is why it is also referred as the ‘Spring Festival of India’. Dhulivandan (धुलीवंदन) is primarily observed in India but is celebrated in all Hindu communities all over the world.

Despite being a Hindu festival, it is now been celebrated by other religion and communities as well. The main attraction of the festival are lots of colors, fun and fervor. The dates of the Dhulivandan (धुलीवंदन) festival vary every year because of the fact that it is based on Hindu Calender and Hindu calenders are based on the Solar cycle. It is one of India’s most joyous and fun-filled festival which promotes the message of equality and brotherhood.