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When is Baisakhi (बैसाखी) in 2016

Looking for when is Baisakhi (बैसाखी) in 2016?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Baisakhi (बैसाखी) in 2016 will be observed on Wednesday, 13th April.

As per Hindu calendar, Baisakhi (बैसाखी) is celebrated on the firth day of Baisakh / Vaisakh month.

Baisakhi (बैसाखी) is an important festivals celebrated mainly in the northern region of India and in Sikh communities all over the world. Baisakhi (बैसाखी) is seen as the beginning of harvest season, hence holds importance to farmer community of North India. It is also commences the beginning of Hindu new year, where Baisakh is the first month. Baisakhi (बैसाखी), also known as Vaisakhi, is usually observed on 13th or 14th of April month. However, Baisakhi (बैसाखी) in 2016 will be observed on Wednesday, 13th April.

On this day in the year 1699, the Guru Gobind Singh (10th Guru of Sikhs) laid down the foundation of Panth Khalsa. Today, Sikh devotees around the world celebrate it with utmost enthusiasm. Baisakhi (बैसाखी) is mostly seen as a sikh festival because it is the day that marks the birth & establishment of the Khalsa. The festival holds religious value to Sikh people across the country. Various cultural events are organized in order to celebrate this day. It is basically a Hindu and Sikh festival, but people from other communities and religion too enjoy the festivities and celebrations.