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What You Didn’t Know About Sachin Tendulkar

What You Didn't Know About Sachin Tendulkar

What You Didn't Know About Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is the most talked about cricket player in India and all over the world. He is one such player who is admired by all competitors and is the most praised player in Indian cricket team. Sachin is often referred to as the God of Cricket World. He has earned this reputation by performing outstandingly in his cricketing career. He is a role model for his team and rest of the country.

Following are some less known facts about Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar:

  • His preparations for a match starts much early : He doesn’t answer calls way before the match begins. Sources say that once Tendulkar’s Brother had to miss the match because he couldn’t talk to Sachin for passes as he was preparing for the match didn’t take any calls.
  • He is possessive about his kit and gear, he doesn’t like anybody touching his gear including his bats and gloves.
  • He totally loves narrating stories to his kids when with them. He has also invented a character named ‘Rohan’ who is the protagonist of all bedtime tales narrated by him.
  • The one sporting icon he would love to meet is Muhammad Ali. “Just to spend some moments with Ali would be great,” feels Sachin.
  • He hopes to drive a Formula One car someday.
  • He helps his children with the homework whenever at home, sometimes taking son Arjun’s surprise spelling tests.
  • He is a foodie and his all time favorite is fried fish. Surprisingly he cooks too.
  • He is so possessive about his Ferrari that wife Anjali is not allowed to drive it.
  • Sachin is a Lord Ganessha devotee and treasures all the idols in his living room, most of them are gifted to him.
  • He is a die-hard Big B fan. His favorite Amitabh Bachchan movies are Sholay, Deewar, Black, Hera Pheri and Satte Pe Satta. That’s the order he ranks.
  • His favorite holiday destination London. The reason behind is that; he enjoys his personal space after being recognized by the people. There, he can play with his kids in the parks without being mobbed by fans.
  • He owns five cars: One Ferrari, three BMWs and a Skoda. He also had two Mercedez Benz cars, one red and one silver, but he has sold them off.
  • Despite being calm on field he is more strict and disciplined with the kids than wife Anjali.
  • As told earlier he is a foodie and at times he can be greedy and he has a tendency to overeat.
  • Sachin believes in ‘vaastu shastra’ .
  • His favorite Tv channel is Discovery Channel and finds it informative and fascinating.
  • Audemars Piquet is the Swiss watch Sachin usually wears. It is also the one he endorses.
  • Comme des Garcons is Sachin’s favorite brand of perfume.
  • His motto in life is: Be true to yourself and be happy. Keep Smiling.
  • Driving and listening to music relaxes him the most. To avoid being mobbed, he drives late at nights or very early in the mornings.