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What is an Eternity Ring?

An Eternity ring is a simple metal band which traditionally includes diamonds or other precious or semi-precious stones around the circumference of the entire ring. Each diamond or the stone has the same shape, size and setting. The similar setting of all the stones gives Eternity ring a uniform appearance which symbolizes everlasting love. Eternity rings are mostly women’s ring and are designed to be given or gifted at time of anniversaries or any special occasion such as a child’s birth. A modern version of Eternity ring, also known as ‘Half Eternity Ring’ consists of stones or diamonds only around half of the circumference.

Eternity rings are given a tag line i.e. ‘symbol of the promise to love forever’. When a man gifts an Eternity ring to a woman, it is a beautiful way to show a her that how much she means to him. It shown his eternal love for her.

Although the ring style, type of stones, and stone setting are important for one to consider when choosing an eternity ring, the sentiment that is being conveyed usually is the most important part of the gift. Many eternity rings include diamonds, but sapphires, emeralds, and other precious stones are also available.