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What is an Accordion Skirt?

An accordion skirt has a lot of pleats and looks like a narrow skirt but in fact, the pleats allow for free movement. Accordion skirts are suitable for pretty much all body types and frames. Accordion pleats or knife pleats are a form of tight pleating which allows the garment to expand its shape when moving. An accordion skirt is a full-circle skirt with narrow, evenly spaced vertical folds pressed into the fabric, forming alternating raised and recessed ridges. Pleat widths are widest at the hem and gradually become narrow towards the waist, creating a flared shape in the skirt. The name accordion pleat comes from the fact that when the fabric is spread open, its appearance resembles the musical instrument of the same name — an accordion.

An accordion skirt can never be out dated or out of fashion. Accordion skirts are soft, flowing and super flattering. They come is a variety of fabrics and are available in a range of lengths. It can be as short as a mini skirt and on the other hand it can be as long as a maxi dress. It entirely depends on an individual’s choice. They usually come in soft and flowy material like chiffon, satin, silk etc, however you find one in denim, Lycra, cotton etc. There are a number of ways to style an accordion skirt. You can pair them up with crop tops, soft shirts, floral tank  tops etc.