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What is an A-Line Skirt?

A skirt with a narrow waist and a wider bottom, exactly like the alphabet ‘A’, is called an A-line skirt. An A-line skirt is characterized by a wider hem that gradually flares out from a fitted hip. A-Line skirts are suitable for those with pear shaped body as the flare of the skirt helps hide their heavy hips and bottom. The term A-line shape is also used to describe women’s dresses and coats that follow the same A-line shape. Although there can be many varieties of skirts in a woman’s closet, but the A-line skirt looks the best and is a classic piece. For some or the other reason, an A-line skirt has always been popular amongst the fashionistas and is always a must have in your wardrobe.

A-line skirts were introduced in 1950’s by an acclaimed fashion designer Christian Dior. Since then the look has been creatively revived and simplified over the period of time. A-line skirts have a wider hem and that’s the reason it generally fits every body type and drapes well. Plus size women or pear shaped women can create a more balanced-looking silhouette. However the length of the skirt plays a major role here.

For instance women with heavier thighs and bottoms may choose a flared A-line skirt that hits slightly below the knees. Women who want to draw attention to their legs, however, may choose a bright-colored A-line skirt that is well defined at the waist and cut above the knees, drawing the eyes up to shapely well-toned legs. Petite women may also be able to add the illusion of a fuller figure by looking for an A-line skirt made out of a heavy, stiff fabric, and pleats can also help to add the illusion of curves to thin hips.

Most women should have at least one A-line skirt in their closet.