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What is a Half Saree?

Many people often get confused between Half sarees and half and half sarees. The basic difference between the two is that ‘half & half’ saree is a one piece saree where the pleats are in contrasting color compared to rest of the saree. And the half sarees are actually half the usual sarees and is a traditional dress worn in South India by young girls (between puberty & marriage). It is also called as a two piece saree. In Telugu it is called Langa Voni, in Tamil it is called Pavadai Daavani and in Karnataka it is called Langa Davani.

The entire dress comprises of a Langa also known as Paavadai which is a skirt with a big flair and is tied around the waist using a string. The other part is a Voni also known as Oni or Daavani. Voni is a cloth which usually measures 2 – 2.5 mtrs in length. The voni is tied / wore diagonally over a choli / blouse. A version of this attire is also worn in some parts of North India and is known as Ghagra Choli. The only difference between the South and the North Indian is the way it is draped.

The half saree facilitates the transition from the childhood paavadai (skirt) sattai (blouse) to the saree, the more complicated drape worn by adult women. Usually the langa (paavadai) and voni are brightly colored and contrasting to each other.