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What is a Distressed Jeans?

A Distressed Jeans or a ripped jeans or a rag jeans which has rips all over and everywhere. Earlier a distressed jeans used to have rips only on the knees. But the distressed jeans available today have rips almost everywhere, including knees, thighs, front of the calf, back pockets etc. The ripped jeans was made popular during late 1980s. It was hard rock and heavy metal era. After that the fashion made a come back in and in the 1990s and 2000s during the grunge era, and were worn by grunge artists such as Kurt Cobain and fans of the latter movement.

The distressed jeans are intentionally damaged to look aged and ripped. They are ripped by abrading the fabric with friction, chemicals, or bleach, or by ripping and tearing portions of the fabric. There are many ways a ripped jeans is usually aged. Some are treated with bleach to get that faded blue color in the middle of the thighs and some are bleached completely to get an overall light blue color that gives a jeans an aged look. In some cases just parts of the legs and seats are faded to a lighter color to mimic the look of old jeans. The ripped appeal is achieved either by bleach washing or the stone washing. It weakens the cotton denim fabric so that it cans be ripped easily.

There is a variety of distressed jeans available for both men and women. And if you have a little knowledge of sewing, you can create a distressed jeans at home. There are many DIY projects available online that can help you make a pair of distressed jeans at home. All you need is a Small pair of sharp scissors which is used to make holes in strategic areas like thighs, knees and pockets. A seam ripper which is used for making crosswise tears in the denim at the knees and hem. Once you know it how, you can make any jeans a distressed to make them more fashionable.