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What is a Dhoti?

A dhoti is an Indian garment worn mainly by Hindu men all over the world. Dhoti consists of a one piece cloth ( plain and similar to saree but shorter in length) which is tied around the waist and extends to cover most of the legs. A dhoti is from four to six feet long white or color strip of cotton. This traditional attire is mainly worn by men in villages. It is held in place by a style of wrapping and sometimes with the help of a belt, ornamental and embroidered or a flat and simple one, around the waist. In other parts of India, dhoti is also known as vetti, mundu, pancha or mardani. The usual length of a dhoti is around 4.5 metres which is approximately 15 ft long. The styles of draping a dhoti differs from region to region.

Tamil style dhoti

It is worn differently in North indian states as compared to what is worn in South Indian states. In North Indian States it is worn with a short kurta, in Bengal it is worn with long as well as short kurta. The kurta is known as a “panjabi” and the combination is called “dhuti panjabi”. In Tamil Nadu, it is worn with a sattai (shirt). It is worn with a chokka (shirt) or a jubba in Andhra Pradesh. In Assam, the kurta is referred to as panjabi and the combination is known as suriya panjabi.


Long single cloth is worn especially by the priests of temples and is also worn generally among the people in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, with some variation throughout the rest of India. The style of wrapping it around the waist also varies from region to region.