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What is a Cocktail Ring?

A cocktail ring as the name suggest is a ring which is often worn at cocktail parties. This cocktail ring is large & more dramatic than the usual rings women wear. Earlier, these cocktail rings were prohibited in the US, but women often wore these rings at illegal cocktail parties. Nowadays, cocktail rings can be worn at any occasion or even as part of a casual outfit. As such there is no set style for a cocktail ring. Most of the cocktail rings have a large centered imitation jewel which is the center of attraction.

The trend in earlier rings was to use any precious stone, diamonds particularly, but most cocktail rings these days are made with faux or imitation stone. As the cocktails rings with precious stones is very expensive and if lost, the loss is huge. So the solution to this was to use faux stones. Costume jewelry stores stored reproduction of rings worn by celebrities and fashionistas. And these rings were perfectly acceptable for anything but fanciest events.

Cocktail rings can be worn on any but the ring finger of the left hand, which signals that the wearer is married or engaged. The right hand ring finger is often chosen, though the ring may also be worn on the index finger. Those looking for a ring might consider shopping estate sales and auctions to find vintage cocktail rings. Anything from the art deco period, even with rhinestones, is considered highly desirable. Some jewelers offer online auctions as well, but buyers should be certain that the claims about the ring are genuine prior to participating in an online auction.