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What is a Cocktail Dress?

In simple words, a cocktail dress can be described as a small dress which is suitable for a formal or a social occasion. A cocktail dress is a dress for a variety of social events from work parties to wedding receptions. A cocktail dress is usually a mid-length semi-formal dress that is often chosen for evening outings. The hemlines for dresses and skirts are usually relatively short, at or slightly above the knee. These dresses can range from strapless and flashy to a more conservative little black dress, so a woman should be able to find a look she’s comfortable with.

Most of the cocktail dresses can be worn up for office wear too. To wear it as an office formal dress, you can pair it up with fitted jackets or cardigans. Wearing a cocktail dress with jacket & cardigan creates a conservative outfit which is best for an office environment. During evenings, the same dress can be worn to a lounge or a club paired with accessories and high heels. However, there are certain cocktail dress styles which can never be worn as formal or office wear such as,  as sequins, satin, halter necks, bubble skirts, beading, and plunging necklines.