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What is a Clutch Purse?

A clutch purse is a woman’s purse designed specifically to hold a few necessary items only. The size of a clutch purse is small and it can only hold a few things like a cellphone, driver’s license, ATM  / debit / credit cards etc. These purse are designed to be carried in hand and some may have a detachable chain or strap so that they can also be worn hanging from the shoulder. Clutch purse are available in a variety styles, designs and materials. Many of the clutch varieties have gone in and out of fashion, but it still remains one of the most useful women accessories.

Clutch purses are available in a huge variety of shapes, makes and styles all of which can vary between brand to brand. They come in as little as square box style, to triangle shapes, heart shapes, some may be covered in satin or decorated with beads and sequin. They may be fastened with tassels, loops, and other fanciful decorations.

Since they’re so small and come in such a wide range of styles, clutch purses are often used to personalize an outfit. A woman wearing a conservatively colored dress might choose a brightly colored clutch purse to add some color to her outfit, or might trade in a more utilitarian purse that she carries for daily life in for a unique clutch if she goes out for an evening event.

Since they’re often relatively cheap, some women choose to buy many clutch purses in different styles so that they’ll have a purse to match with many different outfits. No matter how many times they have gone out of fashion, they still remain popular as evening bags today and many women do use them for daily use, particularly if they don’t need to carry a lot of accessories.