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What Is a Circle Skirt?

Circle skirt is named so for its construction from a circular piece of fabric, which has a cut out in the center for the waist. The circle skirt gained and reached its popularity in 1950s. Poodle skirts are one of the best known circle skirts which were made from wool felt and were decorated with appliques, embroideries and other accents. These skirts have remained popular both as vintage fashion apparel and as the inspiration for new fashion trends.

The fashion of the early 1950s was a reflection of the end of the restrictions on fabric imposed during World War II, and the skirts were fuller and had a lower hemline than the pencil skirts popular in the 1940s. The appeal of the circle skirt was not limited to the teenage set. These skirts have a broad appeal for women of all ages, as they are flattering to most figures.

In addition to the felt typically used for poodle skirts, cotton, silk, muslin, and organdy are common fabric choices for constructing a circle skirt. Cotton and felt are particularly easy to work with, while more expensive fabrics are popular for formal designs because they flow and move beautifully.