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What is a Cinched Waist?

A Cinched Waist is a feature in a woman’s garment that gives her a perfect hour glass figure by tapering or narrowing the waist at the mid section and accentuating the curves of the body. Traditionally women used to wear a Waist cincher also referred as ‘Waspie’ or a corset to achieve the cinched waist look. But today a cinched waist look can be achieved is a number of different ways by using certain sewing techniques, belts, corsets, and body shapers. A cinched-in waist is usually found at the natural waist above the hips where the stomach narrows; some waists, however, are cinched higher up along the rib cage at the empire waist.

The cinched waist has gone in and out of style over the years, subject to certain fashion trends. When sewing a garment, the placement of the darts or folds where the fabric is sewn is what affects the the way a garment fits. While slight darts can simply create a curve at the waist of the garment, tighter darts can take the garment from being fitted at the waist to cinched, in which the fabric is tight at the waist and flares out gradually or dramatically below the waist. A cinched waist look can also be created by wearing a thick elasticized belt. These belts often come included with garments like empire tops and sweater dresses, and sometimes features clasps or hooks at the front rather than a belt buckle and loop.