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What is a Choker Necklace?

A choker necklace also known as choker is a necklace that tightly fits around the neck. It doesn’t drape down to the collarbone or chest, but sits around the throat like a collar. The name choker necklace implies that if it were slightly tighter, it could choke the wearer.

This style of necklace may have developed from the fashion of wearing a ribbon around the neck. During the worst excesses of the French Revolution, young ladies in England and elsewhere took to the fashion of wearing red ribbons around their throats as a symbol of those who had perished at the guillotine — perhaps the earliest use of ribbons as a gesture of sympathy and solidarity with a class of victims.

Chokers are useful for calling attention to a slim and attractive neck, and perhaps for calling attention away from deficits elsewhere. Chokers can also be used to make more forceful fashion statements. Leather chokers studded with metal can imply that one is nobody’s victim.