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What are Oxford Shoes?

Oxford shoes is a type of lace-up shoe with a low heel. Oxford shoes dates back to 17th century, the time when they the amongst the first men’s laced shoes. These shoes were worn often by men attending the university. These shoes are also sometimes called Balmorals, but because they were most associated with college men, they took on the name of Oxford University. Today Oxford shoes are considered to be men’s laced up dress shoes. These shoes are usually made in leather or suede and they are also available in some less expensive variety made of vegan people featuring non-animal hide shoes. Oxfords are traditionally fairly formal shoes with a toe cap, but there are now variations available to suit both formal and casual dress.

Originally, Oxfords were plain, formal shoes, made of leather but they evolved into a range of styles suitable for both formal and casual wear. Comfortable and modern men’s oxfords are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Based on the function & occasions, as well as the dictates of fashion, Oxford shoes are now made in a variety of materials, including calf leather, patent leather, suede, and canvas. They are normally black or brown, and may be plain or patterned. Since, early 19th century, women’s oxford shoes have also been very popular in the world of fashion. The style is purely borrowed from men’s oxford style. The women’s oxford style became immensely popular in 1920’sand received much attention in 40’s and 50’s. The body os an oxford shoe appears to be a flawless portion of leather, with a second leather piece which forms to toe cap. Since then there has been a lot of ornamentation that we see in the form of different styles from high heels to block heels, from bright colors to the authentic blacks and browns. The women’s oxford variety has more freedom as compared to men’s oxford in terms of design, choice, and less adherence to tradition.