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What Are Leverback Earrings?

Leverback earrings are the earrings which has a hook that fits through a pierced ear and meets with a clasp on the back side of the earlobe. the clasp connects the hook partially covering the part of it that extends through the pierced hole in the ear and out behind the earlobe. These kind of earrings have a different look which is well secured on the ear. Most other kinds of hook earrings can slip out of the ear if they are not fixed with a special post, which is uncommon. Leverback earrings enjoy the secure fit and on-trend look. They have a  sophisticated appeal which is perfect for at the office, formal occasions and beyond.

These leverback earring makes a comfortable jewelry wear which is stylish and secure. Leverback earrings feature a backing that closes completely, snapping shut by touching the earring post. You can find a variety of fashionable pairs of earrings with leverback clasps. Most often, leverback earrings drop just below the earlobe and sway with any movement, catching the light indoors and out.