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What Are Khakis?

Khaki refers to a strong fabric typically cotton or wool which is a little dull- yellow / brown color. However, today it Khaki represents trousers or other clothing made of khaki. Khakis are also sometimes referred as Chinos (well it is a debatable subject though). Khakis are a popular style of pants designed for both men and women. The characteristics that makes it a popular clothing amongst many is its casual look and comfortable fitting. Khaki is a Hindi word which literally means ‘dust-colored’. Traditionally the term was used for the color of the dye used for the cloth. The term ‘Khaki’ evolved with the change in era and time. While all khakis are tan in color, the shades of tan vary from lighter to darker and the hues can range from gray to brown, and green. The neutrality of the khaki color makes them easy to dress up or dress down.

In the modern era, khakis range from casuals to haute couture and can be worn as a casual clothing as well as the one for office. Khaki has been a favorite for casual wearer to the office goers. Many of the top fashion designers have given Khaki their own touch and is been a part of many runways. Khakis are available in a variety on and off stores. They are commonly made of natural cotton or linen, and sometimes from cotton blends augmented with chemical treating to cut down on wrinkles, retain shape, and reduce stains.

Khakis have always been in fashion and a trend which is never going to fade out. It is amongst the ever green trends in the fashion industry not only in India but abroad as well. It has remained a constant hot trend over the years and wearers all time favorite. It is one of the ‘must-have’ clothing in both men’s and women’s closet. The savvy shoppers and the fashionistas who have a flair for ever green clothing with a modern touch will continue to shop & wear khakis.