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What are Half & Half Sarees?

Half sarees are sarees where the pleats are in contrasting color compared to rest of the saree. The one half of the saree including pleats is in contrasting colors as compared to the other half of the saree that includes the pallu. They usually come in bold and contrasting colors so that the two halves of the saree are clearly differentiated.

These half and half sarees are the one of the latest trends these days and come in a variety of fabrics and styles. There are a variety of half and half sarees available to be worn at parties, weddings, office or any other occasion. There can be a half and half saree where both the parts can be drastically different from one another.For example if one part is Chiffon, the other part can be net, if one part is silk, the other part can be jute. The main characteristic of a half and half saree is that, the part that is pleated around the waist, has a completely different and contrasting design than the pallu.

Half Sarees make you look really chic, glamorous and curvacious. The half and half sarees beautifully drapes around your waist and gives you a curvacious look. It’s perfect for women who want to be ethnically dresses while retaining their modern look & beliefs. There are a variety of Half and half sarees available online and in stores. All you need to do is find that perfect half and half saree that defines and accentuates your looks and personality.