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What are Gladiator Heels?

Gladiator heel is a gladiator sandal that has a heel which can either be a kitten heel, stiletto, platform or wedge. A gladiator heel resembles every aspect of a gladiator sandal but the heels. So, the only difference between the two is the heel. The gladiator heel design typically features a regular ‘T’ strap with some extra straps winding up the foot and a buckle at the ankle. The sandal straps are generally made from rattan, leather or suede. But these days a variety of sandals are available which feature straps made in plastic or any other synthetic material. Gladiator heels are often decorated with metal accents such as chains, studs, metal rings, buckles, beads and embroidery.

Gladiator sandals have been in and out fashion throughout the years, however, gladiator heels are relatively unique and are available in variations. This heel is most often worn with skirts or shorts that are above the knee or shorter, in order to allow ample room to show off the unique style of the shoe. However, the gladiator heel also goes well with pants and a variety of both formal and informal outfits. Certain styles of gladiator heels with a spike heel or stiletto are considered fetish items, due to the combination of the heel and several straps of leather.