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What are Flared Pants?

We know that skinny & tight fitted denim & pants are in but flared pants are making their way back in to compete with it.  No matter what woman are you, the one from the denim brigade or the one from the trouser clan, there is a pair of flared pant meant for you. Flared pants are the long full length pants which are fitted on the hips and thighs but have a flare or are wide at the bottom. Recently we have seen models walking the ramp in flared pants during Tommy Hilfiger, House Of Holland and Tom Ford Spring 2015 fashion shows.

Flare pants are trousers that are cut in such a way as to flare out below the knee. Traditionally, the pants were typically flared from the knee down, with bottom leg openings of up to twenty-six inches. These pants were very popular during 60’s & 70’s and were referred as ‘Bell Bottoms’. They were typically made in denim, polyester, cotton and wool. Women usually paired them with platform sandals and men wore platform shoes.

Flared trousers are back! From Gucci and Topshop’s bell-bottom jeans to Celine’s elegant evening flares, while you choose any type, it is important to keep your body shape in mind for that flattering look. If you have a petite body structure, chances are that you’ll be swallowed in the flares, if the flare is too wide. Short heighted women should choose a smaller flare and taller women can opt for a wide flare.

Women who wear a plus size should stick to a style which is fit closely through the upper leg and have a slight flare. Flare leg pants that are too wide can emphasize heavier hips.

Flared pants are wide, so you should consider balancing the look by opting for a fitted top. Avoid tunics, shirts with dolmen, bat wing sleeves etc.

The best shoes to wear with flare pants include anything with heels, such as pumps; high-heeled boots; espadrille sandals; and wedge sandals. The heel helps to balance the width of the flare, but flats can work. Ballet flats or pointed-toe flats are suitable, but petite women may want to stick with heels.