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What are Fisherman Sandals?

A fisherman sandals is a style of casual footwear which can be worn by both men and women. They are also an ancient form of footwear as suggested in various illustrations and writings that a variety of these sandals were worn in numerous cultures for century. However, the reason why they are called fisherman sandals is still unclear. Assumptions are, that may be because of its open design that easily let water to drain out of the foot, rather than pooling in the shoe, these sandals were names fisherman sandals. The design probably would also have been comfortable to wear around the house after a long fishing trip.

The sole of a fisherman sandal is thick and comfortable. A center strap runs from the toe up the foot, and connects to the sole at intervals with side straps. These straps are usually not designed to be adjustable. The sandal is kept on the foot with a loop along the back of the ankle, which is sometimes adjustable with the help of Velcro® or a buckle. The open design keeps the foot cool and ventilated, but also protected, because of the well placed straps.

A majority of fisherman sandals these days are made in leather and also in synthetic materials. The traditional colors in which these fisherman sandals were made were brown and black. But with the change in time and era, they are now available in a variety of colors and materials. They are now available for men, women and kids as well. The fisherman sandals are usually wore casually and is not considered appropriate for formal wearing. Special designs intended for hiking and walking are also available. Hiking sandals tend to be more sturdy, and have especially supportive soles and straps. They are comfortable for long walking trips, whether hiking a mountain or shopping in a city.