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What are Daisy Dukes?

Daisy Dukes are form-fitting denim shorts which were first popularized by actress Catherine Back in late 1970s. In the television series “dukes of Hazzards’, she often appeared in a pair of cut-off denim jeans fashioned into shorts, along with other tailored hot pants and short skirts. Catherine played the character of ‘Daisy Duke’ and since then, the shorts have been popularized by her character name i.e. Daisy Dukes.

Young women (after Daisy Duke series) began to create their own shorts by strategically cutting their jeans along the seat and just below the crotch. These jean shorts allowed young girls to display their legs and emphasize their natural curves without revealing too much of their hips and buttocks.

Wearing skin-tight shorts with provocative high rise cuts remained a popular trend amongst young women during that era. Daisy dukes are back in fashion again. Unlike bikini bottoms or lingerie, Daisy Dukes could be worn on the street or at a dance club without violating most dress codes. Some organizations now hold special “Daisy Dukes” car wash fundraisers, which feature young female members performing their work while wearing traditional denim cut-offs or short shorts.