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What are Crew Socks?

Crew socks are a covering for the feet that normally extend to the mid-calf region of the lower leg. These socks are designed for men, women, or children to wear with casual clothing or while playing sports. They usually have a cushioned sole and heel as well as a stretchy top. Normally made from cotton, these socks can also be a blend of other materials. One basic thing that characterizes crew socks is that they typically reach the middle of the calf.

The top portion of these socks usually contains some form of elastic, so they are very stretchy. This also helps keep them in place, which is why they are often worn during athletics or while exercising. Whereas the bottom of a pair of crew socks is usually smooth and soft, with a slight stretch to it as well. There may be additional padding near the heel or toes for added comfort. This section is usually made from cotton because it absorbs sweat, which keeps feet warm and dry, especially during hot weather.

Crew socks are meant for people of all age groups. there are various types of crew socks that they all may look similar. The difference should be in the stretchiness, the length or the design and logos. The length of the crew socks differs from type to type and brand to brand.