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What Are Clip Earrings?

Clip earrings are designed for people who do not have pierced ears or for those who can not wear heavyweight earrings. The clip earrings come in a variety of designs, styles and metal. All these clip earrings have different backing options. The traditional clip earrings had a hinged back so that they could be easily snapped in place on the earlobe. The ones which included screw-on backs or magnetic backs were less common in those days.

Clip earrings are usually used by people who do not really like to get their ears pierced but still love to wear an earring. Clip earrings are also known as clip-on earrings and are a good choice for people who are not sure about piercing or want to see if they enjoy wearing earrings before piercing. Clip-on earrings can also be worn if the appearance of a second or third piercing is desired, or to get an idea of how multiple piercings would look.

Clip on earrings are the perfect way to decorate your ear lobes without the pain of having them pierced. The biggest advantage of clip earrings is that it does not enlarge or tear the hole in a pierced earlobe. Even those with pierced ears can still wear clip earrings. For people who have had many unsuccessful piercing attempts or have had infection problems, or developed allergies, clip on earring are meant just for you.