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What are Capri Pants?

A Capri pant is calf-length, usually tight-fitting pants, often having a slit on the outside of the leg bottoms. It is longer than shorts and shorter than the usual pants. A pant that has an ending in the mid calf i.e. usually between your knee and the ankle. It can also be defined as a tight-fitting women’s pant with legs that end at the calf.

A Capri is considered as a casual summer dress often worn with medium heel sandals, flat sling backs or ballet flats. Capri’s are available in a variety of fabrics, ranging from simple pure cotton, to linen, denims, khaki, polyester and leather.etc. Capri’s pants are apt for warm and hot weather conditions as a casual wear. You can pair them up with short kurtis, tank tops and spaghetti top or any other top. They are also made in spandex blends to be worn while exercising and are a popular style for people who practice yoga.

Capris are very popular amongst women especially in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Capri’s are a great type of casual fashion for women in all age groups. They are comfortable and fashionable, they are available everywhere in stores and are one of the current big fashion trends. There are a variety of ways in which Capri pants are made. Some have large cargo pockets on the sides, some are plain, some have a flared ends, some have a small slit and some have a drawstring closure at the waist.