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What Are Boat Shoes?

Boat Shoes are typically canvas or leather shoes with non-marking rubber soles designed to be used on a boat. these Boat shoes are also known as deck shoes and top-sider. Boat shoes are a popular type of casual footwear for men. Cut like a loafer, boat shoes are easy to care for.  Due to their unique design and construction they are not just great for boat decks but the prefect footwear for summer months. The traditional boat shoes are made in mid- to dark-brown leather uppers. Today, uppers are available in both canvas and leather in various colors and patterns. The leather uppers are treated to be water repellent and to be stain proof. One of the main characteristic of a Boat shoes is that they are hand-sewn and top-stiched. Boat shoes feature a 360-degree lacing system but are also available in other styles. These shoes have 3 – 4 eyelets and the laces are traditionally made of the same material as the uppers. The boat shoes are not available with conventional laces.

Boat shoe soles have white non-marking rubber soles that help maintain a firm foothold on the slippery decks of the boats. However they are now available in a variety of colors. Most of the boat shoes have a shock absorbing heel cup. Apart from wearing them on a boat, they can also be worn in a number of ways. For a casual wearing they can easily replace sneakers and loafers. Boat shoes were originally meant to be worn without socks, but today it is a matter of debate.

Today, these shoes have become fashionable footwear and are considered to be less formal than dress shoes but more formal than loafers. Majority of the style gurus suggest that loafers should be worn with “office casual” attire such as jeans and button-down shirts, and boat shoes should be worn with sportier ensembles that might include clothing such as khaki shorts and golf shirts or polo shirts.