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What are Board Shorts?

Board shorts were started as the swimming trunks of choice for surfers. Today they are not just for surfing but for everyone involved in an active lifestyle. These days, you can see wind surfers, surfers, skaters, and kayakers dressed in these lightweight, comfortable, durable, fast drying trunks. Board shorts have become the most common beach wear you see on beaches. Even those who simply want to look like they just came from the beach are buying these shorts, and many people who live in warmer climates opt to wear them as everyday attire.

The board shorts style is evolved from the the traditional style of swimming trunks, but unlike swimming trunks neither they are gather nor elasticized at the waistband. The modern version of board shorts are more like a combination of swimming trunks and walking shorts. Board shorts have a flat trim line, unlined, and closed with Velcro, laces and eyelets. Many brands use reinforced stitching to cut down on splitting seams during strenuous physical activities, and also add a small pocket that closes with Velcro for carrying keys or cash. Board shorts are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and fabrics, although the majority are made of nylon for its durability and drip dry quality. They come in a variety of lengths — from short to knee-length.

These days board shorts is an ideal dress style if going on a vacation. They are easy to pack as they take very little space in your luggage.