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What are Ballet Flats?

The ballet flats are light, round-toed shoes with very flat heels (or no heels) for women & girls. These are called ballet shoes because they resemble the type of shoes worn by ballet dancers. Ballet flats are perfect with everything from leggings and long sweaters, to short skirts and jackets, to chudidars and Capri.

There is a plenty of variety in ballet flat designs and styles. Some feature a ribbon-like binding on the front top or a metallic buckle type embellishment, some bear a tiny decorative string or a kind of gathering at the top-front of the vamp (toe box).

The ballet shoes (inspired from ballerina slippers) have become a must have in women’s footwear collection. The variety of flats / ballet flats ranges from the stylish multicolored Punjabi Juttis to cute ballet flats which are perfect for all occasions, bet it a night out, a casual gathering or a wedding. You have a ballet flat for every occasion.

Most of the ballet flats are stylish yet comfortable, these classic ballet flats offer practically year-round (or longer) wearability. Ballet flats are made in / from a wide variety of materials, and can be worn with dresses and skirts. Sometimes these ballet flats are also called “skimmers” or “ballerina flats.”

Wearing ballet flats has proved (by researchers) to be a healthier alternative to heels, as high heels can cause both short and long-term pain in the wearer’s upper and lower body.