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What are Angel Sleeves?

Angel sleeves are a style of sleeves that are not fitted in the arm. Instead, they are cut with lots of extra material, so that they appear like wings. the length of the angel sleeves vary widely. Some are just below the elbow, some end just above the elbow and there are a few which cover the full arm. In some of the traditional angel sleeves, the extra material used to so long that it trailed on the floor.

Many angel sleeves are cut very long, that the open cuff reach down to the knee. The term angel sleeve can be used as a generic term for sleeves which are made of lots of material and doesn’t have a gathered cuff. the best example of it is a Kimono. Kimonos sleeves have a similar construction and it can be referred to as angel sleeves.

Even though angel sleeves mainly went out of fashion with the Middle Ages, they can still be seen on some women’s and men’s clothing today. Many academic robes worn by college graduates have angel sleeves. So do several kinds of Halloween costumes, such as medieval ladies, pirates, and, of course, angels.