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An Offbeat Village Resort Near Mumbai

Hidden Village resort

Why do people look forward to the weekend? It is because we are so stressed out that we need a break to spend some quality time with family and friends. Weekend is the time when we can relax, rejuvenate and re-energize to get ready for next week.

Sit with friends and family and plan everything well in advance. So that you can start off early without wasting time. If planned well in advance, you are sure you going to make the most of your weekend.

If you are living near Mumbai or Pune and looking for a relaxed weekend, where you can spend some quality time in tranquility and abundance of nature, ‘The Hidden Village’ resort is the best destination to head for. Not many people know about this village resort located near Pune and Mumbai.

Hidden Village resorthttp://www.hiddenvillage.in

Located about two hours drive away from Mumbai is a quiet village aptly named “THE HIDDEN VILLAGE”. It is a Village resort spread over 4 acre of land on Mumbai – Nashik highway. The Hidden Village is a perfect weekend destination for Mumbaikars and off-course Puneits. Specially for nature lovers.

Hidden Village is located at Atgaon which is about 10kms-12kms ahead of Shahapur on the Mumbai-Nashik highway. Atgaon is about 58 kms from Thane and 188 kms from Pune. Situated in Tansa forest, near Mahuli Mountains in the foot hills of Western Ghats, exists a tiny village. It is literally a hidden place so chances are that you might not be able to locate it. But, nothing to worry as Tony (the owner of the resort) and his staff will guide you thoroughly.

Hidden Village resorthttp://www.hiddenvillage.in/

Tony D’Souza is the man behind this concept. He is the owner of ‘The Hidden Village’. He has designed the resort around natural settings. It is absolutely not meant for people looking for advance amenities, multi-cuisine, highly decorated rooms an all other luxury.

The Hidden Village is nested in forest but it is a safe place to be around with kids. Clean and spacious rooms with basic amenities like, television, bathroom, geyser etc. The silence and tranquility of nature, small flowing streams, waterfalls, natural pools will keep captivating. It is totally a different world to be in. One must come here at-least once to experience the abundance of nature.

Hidden Village resort http://www.hiddenvillage.in


Hidden Village offers you an array of staying options. They have named them as

  • Patil House

    3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 double beds with bedding. It can accommodate a maximum of 15 people. It costs Rs. 3032 per couple inclusive of rent, meals and taxes.

  • Crest House

    2 Rooms, 2 bathroom, exclusive front yard and back yard, overlooking stream below, with a wooden deck as a balcony. It costs Rs. 3032 per couple inclusive of rent, meals and taxes.

  • Exotic House

    It is a honeymoon suite that ensures an exotic stay and privacy. It offers 1 room with large bed, 2 baths (one with glass cubical and the other with twin tub) and a scenic sit-out area. It costs Rs 4000 for a couple.

  • Hill House

    2 Bedrooms, attached bathrooms, Kidde splash pool, open air bath. It costs Rs 2825 per couple.

  • Tribal House

    Staying in Trial house1 will give you a real feel of the village, it has mud and cow dung patted walls (dry no smell). One large room with attached bathroom. It costs Rs 2600 per couple.

  • Tents

    They offer portable zip-able double flap insect proof tents with bedding, lights and vertical cooler fan. A courtyard with table chair and plastic mat, Bathroom facility available just 30ft away. It costs Rs 2400 for a couple.

Hidden Village resorthttp://www.hiddenvillage.in

Activities you can indulge in :

  • Swimming

    The resort has a large fresh water pond where you can swim and it also has a rock pond in perennial stream.

  • Play Zone

    Table Tennis, pool table, carom and chess boards.

  • Sight seeing

    A 10 min walk from the resort will take you to a picturesque lake on the back hill.

  • Drive

    10 kms drive through thick and green forest to Tansa dam is very exciting.

Hidden Village resorthttp://www.hiddenvillage.in