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Top Rated West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education Schools in Kolkata


Looking for top rated West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education Schools in Kolkata?

Then you are at the right place and I hope the list below is helpful to you.

Looking to find the top rated West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education schools in Kolkata? Then you are at the right place and I hope the list below is helpful to you. Here’s a list of the top rated West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education schools in Kolkata along with their comprehensive information including address, contact e-mail ID, telephone numbers, website etc. The West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education educational institutes include the schools owned by Private organizations as well as Govt. The schools listed below follow the curriculum prescribed by West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education. These schools serve the basic purpose of education in best possible way by emphasizing equally on academic and co-curricular activities.

Here goes the list of top rated West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education in Kolkata:

1. Imperial Islamic School, Kolkata
Narayanpur (South), New Town
Kolkata 700136
Phone: +91-9831993565, 9062025035
Email: info@imperialislamic.com, amhawt1@ymail.com
Website: http://www.imperialislamic.com/home

2. Shri Shikshayatan School, Kolkata
No. 11, Lord Sinha Road
Kolkata 700071
Phone: +91-33-22821450 / 22824060
Email: info@shrishikshayatanschool.com
Website: http://www.shrishikshayatanschool.com/

3. South Point School, Kolkata
16 Mandeville Gardens
Kolkata 700019
Phone: +91-33-24406208, 24407209, 24405213, 24406385
Email: skdatta@southpoint.org.in
Website: http://www.southpoint.edu.in/

4. St. Lawrence High School, Kolkata
27, Circular Road
Kolkata 700019
Phone: +91-33-24751959, 24863379
Email: stlawrence1937@gmail.com
Website: http://www.stlawrencehighschoolkolkata.com/Primary.html

5. Patha Bhavan School, Kolkata
103 A & C, Ballygunge Place
Kolkata 700019
Phone: +91-33-24608485 / 8301
Email: info@pathabhavan.org
Website: http://pathabhavan.org/index.htm

6. National High School For Boys, Kolkata
Kolkata 700019
Phone: +91-33-24755596, 24742916
Website: http://nhscal.com/htdocs/nhsboys.htm

7. National High School For Girls, Kolkata
Kolkata 700029
Phone: +91-33-24640327
Website: http://nhscal.com/htdocs/nhsgirls.htm

8. Andhra Association School, Kolkata
4B, Shibani Apartment Balia Main Road
Kolkata 700084
Phone: +91-33-24661784
Email: royarghya@webwiz.co.in
Website: http://andhraassociationschool.com/index.html

9. Narikeldanga High School, Kolkata
50, Kabi Sukanta Sarani
Kolkata 700085
Phone: +91-33-23503309
Email: ndhs1862@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.narikeldangahighschool.org/ndhs/

10. Niva Ananda Vidyalaya School, Kolkata
Niva Park, Battala Bazar
Kolkata 700096
Phone: +91-33-24109029
Email: nivaananda@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.nivaanandavidyalaya.org/

11. Anjuman High School, Kolkata
85, Bakar Mahal, Sadar Bazar
Kolkata 700120
Phone: +91-33-25451604
Email: mail@anjumanhighschool.com
Website: http://www.anjumanhighschool.com/

12. Bidya Bharati Girls High School, Kolkata
23A/27NB, Block B
Kolkata 700053
Phone: +91-33-23960429 / 0348
Email: info@vbsedu.in, bidyabharati.hm@vbsedu.in
Website: http://www.vbsedu.in/girls_high/index.html

13. Techno Model School, Kolkata
Techno City, NSEC Campus, Near Garia Station
Kolkata 700152
Phone: +91-33-24364028, 7949/7991
Email: tigps.garia@gmail.com
Website: http://tigpublicschool.org/

14. Loreto Day School, Kolkata
122, Sealdah, A.J.C. Bose Road
Kolkata 700014
Phone: +91-33-22463845, 22270229
Email: mailto:smcyril@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.loretosealdah.com/

15. Chowringhee High School, Kolkata
12A, Chowringhee Lane
Kolkata 700016
Phone: +91-33-32004494, 22522087
Email: contact@chowringheehighschool.com, info@chowringheehighschool.com
Website: http://www.chowringheehighschool.com/

16. The BSS School, Kolkata
51 A
Kolkata 700019
Phone: +91-33-24618675 / 8195
Email: info@thebssschool.com
Website: http://thebssschool.com/

17. St. Johns Diocesan Girls School, Kolkata
Kolkata 700020
Phone: +91-33-24540518, 24753905
Email: diocesan@vsnl.net
Website: http://www.stjohnsdiocesanschool.org/

18. PathShala School, Kolkata
332, Merujeen Housing Complex, Block-B
Kolkata 700103
Phone: +91-33-24272649, 9674430445, 9830376954
Email: admin.pathshala@mypathshala.net
Website: http://mypathshala.net/

19. Khanna High School, Kolkata
9, Shiv Kumar Khanna Sarani
Kolkata 700015
Phone: +91-33-22510216, 22517964, 65002234
Email: info@khannahighschool.com
Website: http://khannahighschool.com/

20. Hindu Academy School, Kolkata
50, Raja Rammohan Roy Sarani
Kolkata 700009
Phone: +91-33-23501495
Website: http://www.hindu-school.com/