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Top Rated Montessori Schools in Pune

Looking for top rated Montessori Schools in Pune?

Then you are at the right place and I hope the list below is helpful to you.

Here’s a list of the top rated Montessori schools in Pune along with their comprehensive information including address, contact e-mail ID, telephone numbers, website etc. Montessori education is an approach developed by Italian educator and Physician named Maria Montessori. In this approach, emphasis is laid upon independence, freedom and child’s natural psychological development. Montessori Method is the only existing scientific method of education in pre-school level based on the physiology and psychology of children.

Here goes the list of top rated Montessori in Pune:

1. ABC Montessori School, Pune
Plot No 21, Lane No 13, Tingre Nagar
Pune 411032
Phone: +91-9890180380, 9545008800
Email: abcm.punemf@gmail.com
Website: http://www.abcmontessori.net/