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Top Rated Montessori Schools in Kolkata

Looking for top rated Montessori Schools in Kolkata?

Then you are at the right place and I hope the list below is helpful to you.

Here’s a list of the top rated Montessori schools in Kolkata along with their comprehensive information including address, contact e-mail ID, telephone numbers, website etc. Montessori education is an approach developed by Italian educator and Physician named Maria Montessori. In this approach, emphasis is laid upon independence, freedom and child’s natural psychological development. Montessori Method is the only existing scientific method of education in pre-school level based on the physiology and psychology of children.

Here goes the list of top rated Montessori in Kolkata:

1. Little Gems Play-school, Kolkata
22 A, Southern Avenue
Kolkata 700026
Phone: +91-9903985465
Website: http://www.ashokhall.net/little%20gems/littlegems.html

2. Patha Bhavan Montessori & Primary Dept. School, Kolkata
Kolkata 700019
Phone: +91-33-32570494, 22876782
Email: pathabhavan1965@yahoo.in
Website: http://www.pathabhavan.com/

3. Patha Bhavan Montessori Dept. School, Kolkata
Kolkata 700019
Phone: +91-33-24600353
Email: pathabhavan1965@yahoo.in
Website: http://www.pathabhavan.com/

4. Disharee Montessori House School, Kolkata
51A, Ballygunge Circular Road
Kolkata 700019
Phone: +91-33-24614288
Email: basureeta@gmail.com
Website: http://disharee.wordpress.com/

5. Mother’s Care Montossori School, Kolkata
18C, Mandevilla Gardens
Kolkata 700019
Phone: +91-33-24409848, 9830030031
Website: http://www.motherscaremont.net/home.html

6. Apollo Angel School, Kolkata
57/C, Block – B
Kolkata 700055
Phone: +91-9830043679
Email: apollo_angel@rediffmail.com
Website: http://www.apolloangel.com/index.html

7. Little Scholars Play-School & Montessori House, Kolkata
20B Sarat Bose Road
Kolkata 700020
Phone: +91-33-24864461 / 6754, 32436429
Email: info@littlescholars.org.in
Website: http://www.littlescholars.org.in/

8. Beginners Montessori House School, Kolkata
238, Canal Street
Kolkata 700048
Phone: +91-33-25217076
Website: http://www.beginnersmontessorihouse.com/

9. Mongrace Montessori House School, Kolkata
1, Short Street
Kolkata 700016
Phone: +91-33-22904289 / 22817065
Email: sumansood1959@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.mongrace.in/aboutus/index.php

10. Mongrace Montessori House & Day Care Centre School, Kolkata
Shree Housing Complex
Kolkata 700156
Phone: +91-33-23244190
Email: mongracenewtown@gmail.com
Website: http://www.mongrace.in/aboutus/index_newtown.php

11. Play-n-Learn Montessori House School, Kolkata
No. GD-147, Sector 3, Tank 12 Bidhan Nagar
Kolkata 700064
Phone: +91-33-64576711, 9874041686
Website: http://www.playnlearn.in/

12. Shem Star School, Kolkata
CB-6, Sector 1
Kolkata 700064
Phone: +91-33-23219801, 9830266926
Email: info@shemstar.com
Website: http://www.shemstar.com/

13. PLUTO Play School, Kolkata
110/21A, Selimpore Road
Kolkata 700031
Phone: +91-9231500174, 9874334789
Email: principal@plutokids.in
Website: http://www.plutokids.in/

14. Satyam Montessori House School, Kolkata
P70, CIT Road Scheme VI-M-S, Phulbagan
Kolkata 700054
Phone: +91-33-23628405
Email: satyam@fukkad.com
Website: http://www.fukkad.com/satyam/

15. Rainbow Montessori House School, Kolkata
21/2, Jatindra Mohan Avenue
Kolkata 700006
Phone: +91-33-25555985, 9331029300
Email: contact@therainbowmontessori.com
Website: http://www.therainbowmontessori.com/index.php

16. Blooming Daffodils Montessori House School, Kolkata
12, Lans Town Chakraberia Crossing, Near Gujrati Hospital
Kolkata 700020
Phone: +91-33-24748270, 24869809
Website: http://bloomingdaffodils.org/

17. Groom UP Montessory School, Kolkata
Nilachal, 76 Tarun Sengupta Sarani
Kolkata 700079
Phone: +91-9830543961
Email: groomup.school@gmail.com
Website: http://www.groomupschool.com/

18. Ekalavya Montessori And Play House School, Kolkata
AD 34, Sec-1, AD Block
Kolkata 700064
Phone: +91-33-23597746
Email: 2000ekalavya@gmail.com
Website: http://ekalavya-montessori.co.in/contents/about/

19. Primary Colours Playhouse And Montessori School, Kolkata
Silver Spring, Flat 1A & 1B, Block 9 (Sterling), 5 J.B.S. Haldan Avenue, Kolkata
Kolkata 700105
Phone: +91-33-66039344, 9830024361
Email: primarycolours.kol@gmail.com
Website: http://www.primarycolours.in/