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Top Rated CBSE Schools in Kochi

Looking for top rated CBSE Schools in Kochi?

Then you are at the right place and I hope the list below is helpful to you.

Here’s a list of the top rated CBSE schools in Kochi along with their comprehensive information including address, contact e-mail ID, telephone numbers, website etc. CBSE schools follow the curriculum of central Board in English Medium up to the Higher Secondory Examination. The CBSE educational institutes include the schools owned by Private organizations as well as Govt. These Schools are affiliated to the Central Board, New Delhi.

Here goes the list of top rated CBSE in Kochi:

1. Greets Public School, Kochi
Ashoka Road
Kochi 682017
Phone: +91-484-4440000
Website: http://gps.ac.in

2. Mar Thoma Public School, Kochi
Tengode Post Office
Kochi 682030
Phone: +91-484-2421603, 2422851, 2421604
Email: mpskochi@yahoo.in
Website: http://www.marthomapublicschool.in

3. The Choice School, Kochi
Nadama East
Kochi 682301
Phone: +91-484-2779057, 2775692
Email: adminschool@choicegroup.in
Website: http://www.choiceschool.com

4. Hira Public School, Kochi
Kochi 682506
Phone: +91-484-2701973, 2703214,6455905
Email: hira.school@yahoo.com, info@hirapublicschool.com
Website: http://www.hirapublicschool.com

5. Vidyodaya School, Kochi
VKC Post Office
Kochi 682021
Phone: +91-484-2410972, 2410578
Email: vidyodayaschool90@gmail.com
Website: http://vidyodayaschool.org

6. Cochin Pubic School, Kochi
Pipeline Junction
Kochi 682021
Phone: +91-484-2575198, 2575086
Email: info@cochinpublicschool.ac.in
Website: http://cochinpublicschool.ac.in

7. Campion School, Kochi
Changampuzha Road
Kochi 682024
Phone: +91-484-2347613, 2349973
Email: info@campion.ac.in, admin@campion.ac.in
Website: http://www.campion.ac.in

8. Al-Ameen Public School, Kochi
Al-Ameen Education Complex
Kochi 682024
Phone: +91-484-2801034, 2801442
Email: mail@al-ameen.ac.in
Website: http://al-ameen.ac.in

9. Global Public School, Kochi
OEN Junction, Chottanikkara Road
Kochi 682308
Phone: +91-484-2713745, 6
Website: http://www.globalpublicschool.org

10. Saint Peter’s Senior Secondary School, Kochi
Kadayiruppu, Ernakulam
Kochi 682311
Phone: +91-484-2760485
Email: stpeter@vsnl.com
Website: http://www.stpeterskadayiruppu.org

11. Rajagiri Christu Jayanthi Public School, Kochi
Rajagiri Valley Post Office
Kochi 682039
Phone: +91-484-2427411, 6560433
Email: mail@christujayanthi.ac.in
Website: http://christujayanthi.ac.in

12. Toc H Public School, Kochi
Kochi 682019
Phone: +91-484-2304468, 2306951
Email: toch@md4.vsnl.net.in
Website: http://www.tochschool.com

13. Assisi Public School, Kochi
Archbishop Attipetty Nagar, Chembumukku
Kochi 682021
Phone: +91-484-424724, 424824
Email: assisi@vidyaniketans.org
Website: http://vidyaniketans.org/assisi-public_school

14. Assisi Vidyaniketan Public School, Kochi
Archbishop Attipetty Nagar, Narakal
Kochi 682004
Phone: +91-484-2498877, 2424724
Email: assisi@vidyaniketans.org
Website: http://vidyaniketans.org/vypin

15. Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Kochi
HMT Colony-PO, Kalamassery Ernakulam
Kochi 683503
Phone: +91-484-2532860
Email: kvnad2003@yahoo.co.in
Website: http://kvnadaluva.gov.in

16. Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1 School, Kochi
Naval Base
Kochi 682004
Phone: +91-484-2668472
Email: kv1navalbasekochi@gmail.com
Website: http://kv1kochi.gov.in

17. Kendriya Vidyalaya INS Dronacharya School, Kochi
Mahavir Enclave, Rameswaram
Kochi 682507
Phone: +91-484-2231399
Email: kvinsdrona@yahoo.com
Website: http://kvinsdronacharyacochin.nic.in

18. Bhavan’s Adarsha Vidyalaya School, Kochi
Kochi 682037
Phone: +91-484-2422528, 2426682
Email: bavkakkanad@yahoo.co.in
Website: http://www.bhavans.info

19. Gregorian Public School, Kochi
Gregorian Dale
Kochi 682304
Phone: +91-484-6060684, 6060687, 2777400, 6450100
Email: mail@gregorianpublicschool.org
Website: http://www.gregorianpublicschool.org

20. Jyothi Nivas Public School, Kochi
U.C.College Post Office
Kochi 683102
Phone: +91-484-2609468
Email: jyothinps@rediffmail.com, mail@jyothinivas.org
Website: http://www.jyothinivas.org