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Top Rated Beaches of Goa

Top Rated Beaches of Goa

There are various interesting places to visit in India but the most favorite are the beaches of India. Goa can be referred to as the Beach Paradise of India. Goan beaches attract most of the tourists coming in from different parts of the world. Goa has 100 km long coastline which has more than 50 beaches. Out of these stupendous beaches, some are excessively crowded and some are silent and calm. All of them are beautiful and worth a visit.

Following are the Top rated Beaches of Goa :

  • Benaulim Beach

    Benaulim can also be called the Fishing Paradise, and it is probably the quietest beach of North Goa. The beach still falls under the “undiscovered destination” and thus should be expected to be less crowded, less polluted, clean and calm.

  • Anjuna Beach

    The craziest beach in terms of party and unlimited fun. Anjuna beach is famous for its trance parties and wide range of water sports that it offers to all its visitors. The This beach is meant for all the party hoppers looking for unlimited Fun and masti.

  • Candolim Beach

    15 km away from Panjim lies the beautiful and pristine beach called Candolim Beach. Perfect for honeymooners and people who just want to get laid, relax and enjoy. Away from the city’s hustle and bustle Candolim beach also provides a wide range of water sports and other activities like Yoga and meditation.

  • Vagator Beach

    The white sand Vagator beach of Goa is a hot favorite beach for people coming to Goa from all parts of the world. During peak season one can enjoy attractive nightlife here. A little south of the Vagator beach you’ll find Ozran beach with a fresh water pool and is quieter than Vagator beach. Dabolim airport is the nearest airport, which is 29 kilometers away from Panaji. Vagator is 22 kilometers from Panaji.

  • Dona Paula Beach

    Dona Paula is considered to be a beach for lovers because of a tragic incident associated with this beach. The beach is named after a girl “Dona Paula de Menzes”, who was the daughter of the Viceroy, who fell in love with a local fisher man and wanted to marry him. She could not marry the fisherman and committed suicide at this place. Since then the beach is regarded as a symbol of love.


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