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Top 6 Places to Shop in Mumbai

Top 6 Places to Shop in Mumbai

Any trip to Mumbai is incomplete without shopping the local streets and bazaars of Mumbai. Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is one of the popular shopping hot spots of India. It is one city where you can get the most expensive designer brand and at the same time you might also shop something at stone’s throw away prices. Mumbai is full of huge malls and showrooms, but shopping the road side market is the ultimate fun. But shopping the streets means you need to bargain. Let us see following Top 6 Places to Shop in Mumbai

  • Chor Bazaar

    For more off-beat souvenirs, go to Chor Bazaar, the literal meaning of which is ‘Thieves’ Market’. It’s the ideal place for bargain hungry buyers and antique lovers. Chor Bazaar has everything, from the genuine bargain to downright mass-produced junk. One can find brass ware and copper galore, a profusion of pots, jugs, boxes, kettles, vases, and cups; old wooden blocks used for fabric printing that make good paperweights; beautiful old glass lamps; cast-iron cafĂ©-style tables and chairs…the list is endless.

  • Zaveri Bazaar

    For silver, the best place to go is Zaveri Bazaar. There are stacks of lovely things to be found in Zaveri Bazaar. Right from old heavy jewelry to newer, lighter styles, pretty little coasters to statues of animals, old coins, napkin rings, ornately worked picture frames, and boxes galore. Don’t forget to bargain and compare with other shops.

  • Bandra, Linking Road

    Bandra is another interesting place to shop in Mumbai. It is a residential abode of Mumbai’s elites, film stars, industrialists and the likes. The famous Linking Road is lined up on both sides with showrooms for the affluent, but the striking contest here is the pavement selling. A perfect contrast of posh showroom to Pavement markets can be seen here. Linking road is popular with local street shopping for Shoes, bags, fake jewelry, clothing and lots more. The most amusing thing is that most of them sell replicas of same things sold by the posh shops they stand in front of and lure hoards of shoppers.

  • Fashion Street

    For shirts, tee-shirts and wonderful cotton clothes for children, all at rock-bottom prices, visit Fashion Street, a street market opposite one of Mumbai’s smartest clubs, the Bombay Gymkhana, but known to everyone as the Bombay Gym. Fashion Street stacks export rejects, and export ‘over runs’, often at knockdown prices. Fashion street is always flanked by college goers and enthusiastic shoppers.

  • Colaba Causeway

    One of the busiest place to shop in south Mumbai is Colaba Causeway, home to everyone, flanked by Far Eastern airline crews to price-conscious housewives, everybody is here to get the best bargain. People know that it is the best place to shop in Mumbai, specially for shoes, cotton clothes, caftans, and children’s clothes. This market is located at a walking distance from Bombay VT and Churchgate railway stations.

  • Crawford Market

    Crawford market, between the once British Fort and a local town has traces of both, with a bas relief that depicts Indian farmers in the wheat field, just above the main entrance. The fresco of the Crawford market was designed by Lockyard Kipling, father of the renowned writer Rudyard Kipling. Crawford Market is famous for flowers, fruits, meat and fish along with a whole lot of imported food stuff that are difficult to find elsewhere in India. It also has a wide range of fabric shops and decoration shops. The color and vibrancy of this market is something you will want to capture with your camera.


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