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Top 5 Value for Money Cars in India

Top 5 Value for Money Cars in India

Buyers looking for value for money want everything – fuel efficiency, ride comfort, power, performance and reliability. Running cost needs to be low and purchase price should also be sensible. The cars also should have resale value after a reasonable period of time. Keeping everything in mind I have made a list of top 5 cars in India that truly worth its price.

Top 5 Value for Money Cars in India

  • Hyundai Santro

Santro has everything that makes it one of the best value for money cars in India. It has been around for sometime but with various styling updates made by Hyundai, Santro still looks and feels quite contemporary. The car’s 1086cc inline-four produces 63PS and 89Nm of torque which makes excellent drivability even with AC switched on. The speed sprints from o to 100km/h in 16.4 seconds. Santro is also fairly fuel efficient and gives up to 19kmpl. With better ride quality than its rivals, Santro runs well on bad roads. The five-speed manual gearbox is precise, while a four-speed automatic is also available, which gets the added benefit of anti-lock brakes as standard fitment.

  • Tata Indigo

The inexpensive, fuel efficient and spacious Indigo makes the most popular value for money car in India and is an excellent entry-level family saloon. Three-box saloons are very popular with Indian car buyers, especially if it is reasonably-priced, has a big cabin space and cheap to run. Tata Indigo gives you the bang for your buck. Indigo is fuel efficient with ride comfort and is also big on space. Two engine options are available – a 1400cc, petrol – inline-four that makes 86PS and 110Nm of torque, 1400cc –diesel produces 63PS and 125Nm of torque. It gives zero to 100km/h in 16 seconds hitting a top speed of 158km/h (154km/h for the diesel. As diesel is cheaper than petrol, most Indigo buyers opt for the diesel version. The diesel variant is about a lakh of rupees more expensive than the petrol version.

  • Honda City

The City offers one of the most refined, spacious and comfortable cabins amongst all the cars in its segment. Gearshift quality on the five-speed manual is very best and a CVT version is also available. The engines are also better. The City’s 1497cc inline-four is available in two versions – the ‘tuned for fuel efficiency’ i-DSI, and the more performance-oriented VTEC. The former makes 78PS and 125Nm of torque, sprints from zero to 100km/h in 13.8 seconds. With Honda’s reliability, ride comfort and great cabin space with excellent fuel economy, Honda City makes the most value for money car.

  • Chevrolet Spark

This is another true value for money car in India. The hatchback car from Chevrolet is a small, compact yet powerful and comfortable car. The striking feature of this car is its designed interiors, the stylish headlamps and round tail lamps. With four petrol variants 1.0, 1.0PS, 1.0LS, and 1.0LT, this car is powered by 1.0L S-Tec I-4 engine that generates 63 bhp. A 5-speed manual transmission is standard across all variants. The compact size of the car makes it feasible for city driving.

  • Volkswagen Passat

The all-new Passat launched by Volkswagen starting at Rs 22.80 lakh is a super value for money car. After three years of selling the Passat in India, Volkswagen launched the latest version of car in India. With completely revised styling, the new Passat promises to be even more bang for your buck than its older counterparts. The new Passat will be powered by a 2litre CR TDI engine that puts out 170 PS of power and 350 Nm of torque. There is also automatic Start-Stop system which switches off the engine automatically when the car is stopped at a traffic light and switches it on again when the throttle is depressed. The new Passat will also feature some innovative firsts for its segment including Park Assist that steers the car into a parallel or perpendicular parking stop for you while you simply control the accelerator and brake functions.