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Top 5 Unique 19th Century Hotel Buildings in India: A Culmination of Luxury and Legacy

Top 5 Unique 19th Century Hotel Buildings in India- A Culmination of Luxury and Legacy

Top 5 Unique 19th Century Hotel Buildings in India- A Culmination of Luxury and Legacy

Most of the 19th century hotels in India dates back to the era of colonial British Raj in India. these hotels, most of which were originally palace use by the royal families of the region, now welcomes guests to offer a accommodation blended with utmost hospitality, love and care. These hotels stand tall from the colonial era and take its boarders on a tour to the bygone era, leaving an impression of the then culture, traditions and lifestyles. A stay in these colonial legacies makes our great India a unique place to maximize every travel experience as well as a unique travel destination among the tourists world over.

Following are the Top 5 unique 9th Century Hotel Buildings in India

  • The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

Affectionately known as the “Grande Dame of Chowringhee”, The Oberoi Grand built in the late 19th century is one of the vintage buildings in the City of Joy, Kolkata. The hotel was originally known as Mrs Monte’s Boarding House. No two rooms are identical in the hotel in terms of dimensions. This heritage hotel’s neo-classical facade and the grand pillared entrance indicate a fusion of traditional Indian style and classical Victorian, reflecting the city’s colonial history. It is also the premium luxury business destination in Kolkata. The hotel was used by thousands of troops in World War II.

  • Ayisha Manzil, Tellicherry

“Ayesha Manzil “, located in Tellicherry, a coastal town located in North Kerala, is a beautiful, old colonial style mansion overlooking the blue Arabian Sea. This bungalow was built in 1862 by Murdoch Brown, an Englishman who came to Tellicherry as a trader of the East India Company. Formerly known as “Judges Bungalow “, the existing house was renamed as ‘Ayesha Manzil’. Take a tour to Kerala and stay at this home to witness the warm hospitality, fantastic traditional cuisine with an emphasis on the fresh seafood, local culture blended with all the amenities and facilities to suit the lifestyle of modern generation and many more to get a lifelong experience.

  • The Taj Nadesar Palace Hotel, Varanasi

Located in Varanasi, The Taj Nadesar Palace Hotel was originally a palace built in 1835. It is situated on the banks of the river Ganges and is set amidst lush gardens, marigold, mango orchards and jasmine fields. The hotel presents the view of the beautifully landscaped gardens and also offers the option of gardens or swimming pool or the golf course view. The palace rooms have the view of lush green gardens. Dinning at the Nadesar Palace is also a unique experience of its own.

  • Hotel Jhalamand Garh, Jodhpur

Constructed in late 18th century, the heritage hotel Jhalamand Garh is situated just on the outskirts of Jodhpur on the Udaipur – Ahmedabad highway, surrounded by village Jhalamand. The hotel was once a castle belonging to the erstwhile royal family of Jhalamand which is now converted into a heritage hotel. The property is a unique blend of two cultures – the architectural brilliance of Mewar coupled with the traditional hospitality of Marwar, taking the boarders to the by gone era. The hotel is also recognized as a member of the Heritage Hotels Association in India.

  • Nilambagh Palace, Bhavnagar

Nilambag Palace is a Heritage Hotel located at Bhavnagar, in the Gujarat state of India. It has a magnificent architecture and is set amidst 10 acres of wooded environs. Originally known as Huzoor Mahal, the Nilambagh was constructed in 1875 outside the confines of Bhavnagar city for the young prince Raja Takhtasinh Gohel. Nilambagh, literary meaning Turquoise garden was opened as a hotel and started welcoming guests as late as 1986. The hotel has 18 AC rooms and 5 cottages along with all the modern facilities such as TV, music, refrigerator and direct-dial telephone, swimming Pool, health club conference and banquet area.